Best Knitted Ties

14 Feb

Knitted Tie, or Knitted Tie is a long necktie can be easily worn on a formal or a casual occasion, whether worn with formal dress shirt or just casual necktie or dress shirt. It can also be easily worn on a sleeve casual shirt, a dress suit, and jeans or sport coat are suitable for men. It is also an ideal gift for your loved one. There are various designs, styles and patterns in the market to choose. You can find a knitted tie in any design of your choice.

These knitted ties come in different colours such as; navy blue, dark grey, olive green, cream, chestnut and many more. As the tie is made up of wool it comes in different colours like; pink, red, yellow, light blue, dark grey, chestnut, light blue, grey, gold and silver. However, there is no best colour for a knitted ties. The colour of the tie depends on the suit or the occasion. Like a navy suit is blue in colour and a light blue suit is the same as a chestnut suit.

Knitted ties is made by interlacing several threads and tying them together. The knot at the center of the neck looks like a ring. Some people prefer to make a cuff around the wrist of the shirt and use a silk tie with buttons of their choice.
One can buy knitted ties in various materials like silk, cotton and wool. But a knitted tie made of silk is very expensive. There are many websites on the internet that sell knitted ties at competitive prices. Many websites give discounts of up to 70% on bulk purchases. However, these should not be used on casual occasions as they are too classy. Visit this webpage and learn more on knitted ties, the elegancy they carry along and how you can shop at them Art of The Gentleman store.

They should be used on special occasions like weddings and grand functions.
Knitted ties are available at all leading stores. They can also be bought directly from the manufacturers if they are popular. They are available in different sizes and in a variety of designs.
Though they are not as stylish as a machine made knitted tie, they are very comfortable and look just as formal as any other kind of tie. They are made of different fabrics like silk, cotton, wool and Georgette. However, the best knitted ties look like a burlap cloth when worn on a formal occasion. When purchased in large quantities they can even be sold at discounted rates. Get more info related to this topic on this page:

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